XBOX Live: The (Grand)father of Social Media

The results of Social Media’s paternity test are in, and Mark Zuckerberg….You are NOT THE FATHER.  Results are still unclear, but it would appear that the father or at least GRANDfather of social media may, in fact, be Bill Gates.  Sure, there was MySpace at the time that XBOX LIVE officially launched in November 2002 but social gamingtruly paved the way for how social media works and is used today.

Social gaming platforms like XBOX Live and PlayStation Network truly changed the face of how gamers interacted with one another and shared content forever.  I mentioned PSN here, but in my opinion XBOX LIVE truly set the standard for social gaming and social media.  Long before I had a Facebook friends list I had an XBOX friends list.

XBOX’s use of ‘friends’ changed an otherwise antisocial and random atmosphere for gamers and brought them together in ways never before imagined.  For the first time, you could link-up with friends, and jump online together to fight side by side, or challenge one another in the digital arena.  In fact, if it weren’t for XBOX LIVE, a little gaming podcast (and incredible group of friends and community members) you might know as Postgame Carnage Report, would have never happened.

With the release of the XBOX 360 XBOX Live became more enhanced over time, featuring a “Party Chat” feature which provided a more streamlined method of grouping up with friends and enjoying games in a social atmosphere.  As well, it wasn’t long before the marketing potential of XBOX Live was truly realized.  Constantly changing advertising tiles would appear in the XBOX Dashboard using streaming video, or direct links to a companies website using the console’s Internet Explorer app.

The latest XBOX One updates have now completely enhanced and improved XBOX LIVE members ability to not only interact and play games, but to upload their gaming moments, broadcast their game sessions live via TWITCH, and compartmentalized it all into an Activity Feed much like the news feed on Facebook or Twitter.  Users are also now able to “like”, comment, and share content with their friends. This has only improved the user-experience overall and enhanced the service for people like me who are involved in the gaming community at large.  Now I can live-stream a new game and deliver real-time game reviews via TWITCH, and share my content, and my community members content with ease.

So perhaps XBOX live indeed laid the groundwork for what is now social media, and only continues to improve the way it connects gamers and promotes a fun, exciting, and truly social environment.

What are your takes on social gaming VS social media?  Hit up the comments below!

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