Playdead Studios and Why You Should be Really Excited

Indie-Developer set to deliver another incredible gaming experience on XBOX.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, independent game developer: Playdead is the incredibly talented team of folks responsible for 2010’s highly successful game; LIMBO.  This fascinating game was a welcome and a visually stunning throwback to the side scrolling bliss of gaming’s golden age.


LIMBO offered players a dark, creepy atmosphere with engaging puzzle sequences and a unique, and approach to interactive storytelling. The audio design provided menacing and visceral sound effects and worked perfectly with the studios art direction for the game’s visual design.

In so many ways, Playdead demonstrated that they can deliver compellingly exciting gameplay experienceswithout vivid and vibrantly colored graphics.  In fact, LIMBO’s grey-tone colour theme only added to the titles eerie, and thrilling feel.  At times, the game was downright scary.

Playdead’s next experience: INSIDE appears to showcase the same level of intensity, and unnerving undertones found in LIMBO, however, this time; the game is sporting a highly advanced step-up in graphics. It conveys a sense that everything that made LIMBO’s gameplay formula so epic will be at work here, alongside some great new tweaks and features. INSIDE’s amazing trailer reveals a new, striking use of colour, and an improved lighting engine that casts the imagery in a cool graphic novel style glow.  Like its predecessor, this game is set in a dark, and seemingly nightmarish world.  One particular sequence of the trailer where the young protagonist is underwater, desperately swimming toward a shaft of light indicating the surface gave me a claustrophobic shiver down my spine.


Additionally, I’m fascinated by the story behind INSIDE.  Or, rather excited to see what is in store for players when they dive into this strange new world created by Playdead. I absolutely love it when a studio can take the tried and true retro design elements that I grew up on as a gamer, and inject into them a fresh, and enjoyable new gaming experience for all generations to enjoy.  I highly recommend you keep Playdead, and ID@XBOX on your radar, because even more indie titles are currently on their way to the XBOX platform, and they are simply put:  amazing.

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