Cure Your Fat Wallet Syndrome: A Chat With Ahsen Basit – CEO: Opprox Inc.

In my last post, I introduced you to an independently developed mobile app called Opprox.  It’s an innovative Geo-targeted marketing platform that distributes promotional content to users based on their location, and interests – directly to their mobile device.  For my impressions, and insights on the app, feel free to give it a read.

I was fortunate enough, to meet Opprox’s co-founder and CEO: Ahsen Basit shortly after the official launch. He visited my class at St. Lawrence College to demonstrate the software and talk about how he and his team are raising the bar when it comes to interactive marketing tactics.

Opprox is picking up some serious momentum and is experiencing exponential growth.  In fact, this app is on the short-list to end up on the Dragon’s Den.  Ahsen was gracious enough sit down with me, to discuss this exciting start-up venture, and reflect on its story from inception, to the creation.  Without further delay, here’s our discussion.


So, you’ve officially launched Opprox.  How was the reaction from users?

“The reaction from users has been very positive. They love the fact that they are able to get instant deals and can also collect points towards rewards without having to carry a card with them. Some users have said that the design could be slicker and user experience could be improved, so we are working towards that and revamping some of the initial UI/UX.”


Tell us the story behind this app.  Where did the big idea come from?  What inspired you to take the concept of traditional “run of the mill” coupon apps and completely evolve it?

“Me and my business partner Raza Ali would on Friday nights be brainstorming on ‘what is the next big idea’?  We saw that merchants these days were having a problem rewarding customers and being able to build a solid, loyal customer base.  We also eat out a lot too and had some restaurants where would love to collect (rewards) points in a smart way and that’s where Opprox was born. We were on a mission to cure our customers of the ‘fat wallet syndrome’ and help increase retention rates and engagement rates for businesses.”

3) Being students ourselves, we can all relate to the necessity to save money, and take advantage of “deals”.  What do you feel is the greatest benefit that Opprox provides to its users?

“I think that for users it’s just an incredibly simplistic tool that gives you access to real-time opportunities for businesses in proximity in the form of offers, coupon(s), specials, events or even job opportunities – so as a user; if I want to make use of those I’d quickly skim through Opprox’s newsfeed so that I can find a great offer.”

For anyone reading, who own small-medium sized businesses, what’s the #1 thing they should know about Opprox?  What’s the key takeaway?

“For SMB’s the only thing they should know is that it’s 7 times cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones and having high retention rates leads to a high customer lifetime value.If you make your customers happy, (they) will become your brand advocates and spread the word about your brand through Word of Mouth, which is very powerful in any community. Therefore, they should sign up today for the 90-day trial for just $20 on and subscribing via the merchant portal so that they can turn their brand into a love mark!”

Can you give us any *teasers* or previews of what’s to come?  What does the future have in store for Opprox?

“There is allot that we are planning to do and some of it I am not even allowed to talk about but in a nutshell we are flirting with the idea of merchants collaborating with other merchants on the platform to be able to offer joint rewards. We are trying to create this as a Business 2 Consumer Instagram that is hyper-local and promotes economic development and for anybody that is an entrepreneur and wants to start an Opprox franchise should be able to have ownership on it.”

For more information about the app, visit their website:  And while you’re at it, why not download it, for your Android or Apple device right now for FREE!

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